Finding Sublime-D-Zign

I began sewing in 2006 when I made matching outfits for my daughter and my niece of the same age. I hated every minute of it and by the time I was finished with the outfits, I was ready to throw my sewing machine out the window (and myself behind it!) However, soon after, several of my friends were having babies and I decided hand-made gifts were more special to the recipient than those that were store-bought. So I pulled my sewing machine out and gave it another shot. After sewing several items for my friends and family alike, I realized that I really enjoyed the feeling of creating things with my sewing machine.

For Christmas the following year, I decided to make everyone in my life something on the sewing machine. (And my Santa list is always very long.) Over the course of two months, I was sewing everyday. With a lot of support, encouragement, knowledge, guidance, patience and, above all, love from my wonderful mother, I made it through 101 separate creations. Indeed, sewing had become a passion.

After that "Christmas-O-Creation", my husband suggested that I start selling my creations on Etsy, and hence, the birth of Sublime-D-Zign.

Sewing has now become a very therapeutic practice for me.  Designing and crafting a project gets both the creative and logical gears in my brain turning. Taking a pile of fabric and turning it into something beautiful results in gratification beyond words.  The sense of accomplishment and joy I feel upon completion of a project is so exciting and empowering. So every project that I create is a direct outpouring from my soul.  I hope that you can enjoy my work and know that every item is crafted not only by hand, but with mind, soul, and love.

Please browse my shop to see my latest creations.  Don't forget to look at the items in my "sold" sections as well, as just about everything I create is one-of-a-kind. You might find something you would like me to re-create just for you! If there is anything you see that you may like tailored to your personality, or if you have something you'd like me to try that isn't shown here, feel free to contact me and we'll get started!

Love & Light

~ Erin


Photo by Brian Klimowski