Oh, I'm going totally crazy with this new serger. I never really played all day on my old serger because I knew that changing thread colors, switching back and forth between stitch settings and ultimately, dealing the screw-ups would all just cause me so much more time than I was bargaining for.

But today- hooooooo-wee! I'm am goin' crazy-loco! So fun!

I have made three skirts and two pair of fitness shorts, which will be appearing for sale in my shop soon. I have also designed a new top (I kept this one, cuz it's cute... *grin*), which I will be making more of as well and will soon be appearing in my shop. I'll post a picture here today or tomorrow, so you can at least see how cute it is.

Oh boy- creations a go-go! Ideas are pouring from me faster than my hands can work!

So stay tuned.... Sublime-D-Zign is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

Love & Light,