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Thanks to all, as always, for supporting my business!

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Oh, I'm going totally crazy with this new serger. I never really played all day on my old serger because I knew that changing thread colors, switching back and forth between stitch settings and ultimately, dealing the screw-ups would all just cause me so much more time than I was bargaining for.

But today- hooooooo-wee! I'm am goin' crazy-loco! So fun!

I have made three skirts and two pair of fitness shorts, which will be appearing for sale in my shop soon. I have also designed a new top (I kept this one, cuz it's cute... *grin*), which I will be making more of as well and will soon be appearing in my shop. I'll post a picture here today or tomorrow, so you can at least see how cute it is.

Oh boy- creations a go-go! Ideas are pouring from me faster than my hands can work!

So stay tuned.... Sublime-D-Zign is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

Love & Light,


Here is my latest creation. It is as of yet, unnamed, but I will think of something! I am going to be making more of these and in many sizes for sale in my shop.... so if you love it, check back soon! Oh, the patterns and colors will vary too. ;)

Okay, so I've been using this 1980-something White Superlock 534 serger for the past year and a half. It was given to me as a gift from my mother and was a very awesome way to start exploring the possibilities that come with owning a serger. It got me through months and months of costuming for the Nutcracker last year. I learned threading, trouble shooting and a whole mass new skills with this little bad-boy.

But, recently it's had some issues and, sadly, I spent more time trouble shooting than most anything else. So last week, I'm sewing along, working on my new design: yoga shorts, and $%&^*! It totally eats a pair of shorts. I mean, ruins them beyond repair. grrrrrr grrrrr grrrrr (Can you see the steam shooting out from my ears?) It's time for a new serger.

So, I trek on over to our local sewing store, Odegaard's Sewing Center, where, lucky me, my mama works. I say 'SELL ME A SERGER!' And she guides me to this little cutie called the Juki MO-654DE. And let me just say- THIS BABY ROCKS!

I have been breezing along on this thing and I love it! It's SO much easier to thread and adjust. And switching to a rolled hem- piece of cake! No screwdrivers, rulers and impossibly tiny hands required! And she purrs like a kitten! (Cliche, I know, but if a seamstress can't say that about a machine- what then?! Ha ha!)

So, if you are looking to buy a new serger, I HIGHLY recommend this one!