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Art and mixed media by local Flagstaff artist Walter Salas-Humara

Walter Alan Salas-Humara was conceived in Havana, born in New York City and raised in Southern Florida. He now makes his home in Flagstaff, Arizona and New York City. In 1987 his rock band, The Silos, was voted Best New American Band in the Rolling Stone Critics Poll and over the past 25 years have recorded 12 albums and put in thousands of days on the road. Salas-Humara began painting as a teen and has always enjoyed putting paint to canvas.

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January 12th, 2010, a horrifying earthquake hit the country of Haiti, leaving thousands dead and even more homeless. It has been nearly a year since the tragedy and it breaks my heart to hear how many Haitians are still homeless, separated from their families, falling sick, and dying due to their poor living conditions.

What is even more disheartening is when I found out that upon news of the unimaginable horror this quake caused, over 10 billion dollars were pledged in relief efforts, but here, an entire year later, less than 10% of that amount has actually been donated to the cause. In one year's time, I would expect a more drastic change from a relief effort, from our country and others with the power to make a difference.

I am one person, and alone, I cannot make much of a difference. But if I do what I can, humble as it may be, and everyone else does the same, together, we can make a real difference. Cliché, I know. But think about little, tiny snowflakes.... they are what make a blizzard.

So, I have decided that for the remainder of the month of January, I am hosting a small fundraiser for Haiti: Purses for Haiti.

I will donate 50% of the price of every purse, handbag and tote I sell in the month of January to Doctors Without Borders. (That is 50% of the price, not 50% of the profit!)

If you would like to support my humble effort, please visit my shop. I will send each buyer a donation certificate from Sublime-D-Zign.

If you are not interested in supporting this cause through my effort, please, please donate to the cause in another way. Snowflakes make a blizzard.

This picture was taken today, January 9th, 2011.

There is an artist here in Flagstaff by the name of Walter Salas-Humara. He has a line of art that he calls Walters Dogs. He has a whole variety of different products featuring his silly-eyed dogs. To visit his website, click here. You can browse his gallery, order custom dog portraits, read about the artist, or buy dog products.

Well, it's a new year already. Hard to beleive that 2010 is over and we're into 2011!

As it seems to happen with everything, the start of a new year is bringing a freshness to Sublime-D-Zign. Plans are brewing for lots of new inventory! So, as I"m bringing my attention to all of the new ideas and new products, many of my previous creations are being liquidated. I have added several new items to the Clearance section in my shop.



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